What are the different Office 365 licenses for your business?

Office 365 For Business: Many benefits to discover.

Did you know that there are 3 types of Office 365 licenses for businesses?

In addition to being full of advantages for businesses, the Office 365 suite for businesses offers several services and tools depending on your needs. Thus, it is important to choose the features that best fit your organization’s reality.

Learn more about the 3 types of Office 365 licenses for businesses.

The E1 version

This first line of the Office 365 suite is a version that offers basic functionality for businesses.

The E1 version includes:

Exchange Online email;
Document sharing features;
Skype Enterprise (for your video or audio conferences);
Teams (for content creation and sharing);
Yammer (a corporate social network);
Contact management;
A calendar;
SharePoint (for content management);
Among the different Office 365 licenses offered for businesses, the E1 version is the one that does not include office applications, these features are only available on the online version of Microsoft Office.

The E3 version

Unlike the first version of Office 365 licenses, the E3 suite gives you access to all Microsoft office applications, even in offline mode.

That’s not all, the E3 version also gives you access to several features related to :

Archiving of your documents or emails;
The protection of your business data;
Managing your users’ access rights.
This version of Microsoft Office 365 is ideal for employees who need regular access to office tools at all times, even outside the office.

The E5 version

Of all the Office 365 licenses available for businesses, the E5 version is by far the most comprehensive. It includes all the programs listed earlier, but also adds:

Telephony with Skype Enterprise Online;
Business intelligence and data analysis applications like Microsoft Power BI.
Count on an expert service to help you choose the Office 365 license that best suits your business and its needs. That way, you’ll know how to set up and implement the ideal Office tool within your organization.

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