Protecting Your Business Data: 3 risk factors to watch out for

Protecting Your Business Data: 3 risk factors to watch out for

Business data protection is an issue that affects every business, regardless of the field.

Every day, every organization records dozens of pieces of data of varying degrees of importance. Indeed, every exchange with a customer or a partner is likely to be transformed into data. This data can be recorded in several ways.

In general, this professional or personal data is essential for companies. It allows them to invoice customers, to follow up on payments or to fulfill a customer order.

With this comes risk factors that can compromise the security of this data? Discover 3 potential sources of danger for the protection of your professional data, as well as some solutions to remedy them.

1- The human risk

One of the first sources that can affect the protection of your business data is without a doubt the human factor. Think of the theft of your data by USB key, from a source inside or outside your company.

Another common cause: bad manipulations that can affect your IT infrastructure and that represent a significant risk for your personal and professional data.

There are 2 ways to minimize this human risk:

Training to educate and inform your users on how to handle your data safely;
Reparametrize certain accesses to information according to each user (for example, your sales representative does not need to have access to your accounting data).

2- The physical risk

The protection of your business or personal data also depends on your work environment. Imagine the significant loss of data that could result from a fire or flood. In addition to paralyzing your business, this type of disaster can seriously damage your data if it takes your hard drives with it.

Fortunately, such a tragedy can be avoided by setting up a regular and secure backup system. This type of service is offered by Aiki Informatique.

3- Software risk

The malfunction of a software or an application can also jeopardize the protection of your professional data. In addition to management difficulties, this also opens the door to significant risks.

Other factors are also to be taken into account, such as:

Hacking malware;
Spam and fraudulent emails;
Any other computer virus.
Several adapted solutions to protect your infrastructures can help you anticipate this risk. You should also think about updating your software on a regular basis, since this is not done automatically.

Data security = corporate stability

Your business data and your customers’ data are valuable.

Talk to our cybersecurity services for backup and data protection solutions tailored to your business needs.

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