Office 365 For Business: Many benefits to discover.

Office 365 For Business: Many benefits to discover.

Microsoft’s Office 365 for Business suite allows small and medium-sized businesses to streamline and automate their internal communications and productivity.

This software package contains the usual and most popular programs, such as:

Word for word processing;
Excel for spreadsheets;
PowerPoint for presentations
Depending on your needs, Office 365 for Business also offers a more exhaustive list of software adapted to the problems of companies. Think of SharePoint, an intranet/extranet solution, or Exchange for email address standardization.

Office 365 for business, how does it work?

Office 365 is available as monthly or annual subscriptions, and its price changes according to two main criteria:

The number of users;
The programs you want to integrate into your organization.
By defining your business needs, you can integrate and parameterize all your software to make data transfer more fluid. But there are also several other benefits for businesses.

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The advantages of this suite for your company

The ultimate advantage of the Office 365 suite is its flexibility. This flexibility is found in the use of programs in “SaaS” mode (Software as a service). This mode means that the software is accessible from a link and not from a fixed station. Thus, Office 365 programs are available at the office, at home, or during a customer meeting.

In addition, the cloud-based backup system allows you to take your documents anywhere and access your data securely.

Finally, using experts to integrate Office 365 saves you time during the integration of the programs and optimizes your management methods.

Opting for Office 365 for Business implementation experts helps you:

Properly integrate Office 365 into your IT infrastructure;
Ensure the security of your data;
Set up secure backup and storage systems for your data.
Program and configure these applications;
Implement a managed service system;
Train your teams to use the programs.
Our experienced computer specialists are quality contacts in terms of advice and responsiveness for your company.

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