Disaster-Proof Your Business

With a Comprehensive Disasterz Preparedness Plan

From natural disasters to system crashes and cyberattacks, these threats can compromise organizational integrity, data security, operations and growth, and customer trust.


Disasters don’t schedule appointments. They just show up. That’s why it’s crucial to be all set and prepared for it.
At AIKI Informatique, we’re here to provide you with the tools and practices to secure your data, safeguard your reputation, and sustain your business growth.
Secure Yourself Before
Protecting Others
It goes without saying that it’s essential to “first, secure your own systems. Then, prepare or secure your clients for cyber threats or disasters.”

As an MSSP, your security is paramount. Think of it as securing your defenses before helping others—you can’t help others float if you’re drowning. When you’re prepared, you can effectively shield your clients when they need it most.
Your Action Plan for Disaster Preparedness
Identify Possible Threats

Implement firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption protocols to determine and address potential risks. Consider automating this process for enhanced efficiency.

Develop a Strategic Preparedness Plan

Appoint a lead coordinator and support team
Establish an evacuation strategy, set up communication protocols, and gather vital contact details.
Outline your entire plan to ensure the working of critical systems and instant data recovery
Highlight key business operations and strategies for rapid restoration. Keep everything on a central document platform.
Periodically test it to ensure reliability

Regularly Update and Test the Plan (at least once or twice a year)

Regularly audit and update your disaster preparedness strategies. Additionally, ensure your IT systems undergo routine maintenance to anticipate potential risks.

Review Vendors and Suppliers Readiness, too.

It’s always good to make sure they have robust contingency and communication frameworks in place for seamless collaboration during times of uncertainty.

Training and Upskilling Your Employees

It’s paramount to build a culture of continuous learning. It helps equip your team with the right skills to recognize potential threats, adhere to security protocols, and respond effectively during crises.

Secured, Prepared, and
Unstoppable – That's Your
Business with Us

Management Tips

Know the Risks

Start off by conducting an in-depth risk evaluation to tailor and refine disaster readiness strategies. Understand what can go wrong to make better plans to ensure compliance with cyber insurance coverage and more.

Develop Robust Data Backup Protocols

It’s not just about data back-ups and data recovery, but outlining practical steps for efficient data restoration and making it accessible. Understanding key metrics like Recovery Point Objective (interval between back-ups) and Recovery Time Objection (time to restore the data for business functioning) to optimize your strategies is crucial.

Establish Business Continuity Solutions

Implement solutions that ensure minimal downtime, boost productivity, and ensure the functioning of critical systems. This includes offline file access, battery backup systems, and seamless remote access to cloud resources.

Implement Cybersecurity Measures

It primarily refers to deploying advanced technologies and policies to mitigate risks. This holistic approach is pivotal in protecting against evolving cyber threats.

Upskill Your Employees with IT Security Best Practices

Implementing incident response processes and enabling employees to be ready for unforeseen events is instrumental. Also, ensure that they are clear about their roles and responsibilities to effectively tackle any crises.
Benefits of Proactive IT Security Disaster Preparedness
Seamless Business Operations

A solid preparedness plan in hand ensures business operational continuity, even amidst disruptions, making critical systems and data secure and accessible.

Ensures Your Data is Safe and Sound

Disaster preparedness provides enhanced protection against potential data losses with regular backup and storage protocols.

Fast and Smooth Recovery

With disaster preparedness, you’re sure to minimize downtime, ensuring quick and smooth recovery.

Saves on Unnecessary Costs

Proactive disaster planning helps avoid unforeseen expenses related to managing software, systems, and remediation.

Keeps Your Good Will (Integrity and Reputation)

An effective disaster preparedness framework acts as a shield against potential reputational damage, thereby maintaining clients’ loyalty and trust, as well as other income streams.

Improves Regulatory Compliance

It helps align your disaster preparedness strategies with industry best practices and regulatory standards for top-notch IT security.

Don't Get Caught Off Guard – Secure Your Business Now!

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