Computer security

Like personal health regimens that prescribe adequate sleep, a balanced diet and exercise, preventive medicine for servers not only saves you money, but eliminates worries as well. The best server maintenance plans include a backup and data recovery plan, which must be frequently tested.

Effectively protect your information, sensitive data and IT fleet at all times. AIKI Informatique offers you different solutions so that your company can face any eventuality.


Properly protect your computer network and workstations against external threats that could paralyse your operations.

Firewall, antispam and antivirus protection :

Our Astaro / Sophos solution offers a wired and wireless network security, Web, Web application and emails. And this on software, hardware and virtual platforms. Trend-Micro security is added to complement the servers and workstations.

Local and off-site backup (cloud) :

  • Backup software Ultrabac, Acronis and Backup-Exec gives you continuous local protection on tapes or external drives.
  • AIKI Informatique offers its online backup solution for your servers and workstations. This service allows you to keep up to 30 days of data and effectively restore it yourself with the "client" application. 

Image backup :

Windows stops working following a disk problem or data corruption?

So be it, a backup image allows you to recover all of your data.

  • When is it used? When Windows stops working due to a disk problem or data corruption problem.
  • A system image is an exact copy of your hard drive. This copy includes the disks required for Windows to work properly and it also incorporates Windows, your system preferences, your programs, and your files. With a "system image", you will be able to restore the content of your computer if your hard drive or computer stops working. We are talking here about a complete file recovery. However, you may not be able to choose which items to restore and all your programs, system preferences, and files will be overwritten by the contents of the system image.

Disaster recovery plan :

The goal of a good recovery plan is ensuring the survival of your business after a major disaster affecting the computer system. It's about restarting your business as quickly as possible with minimal data loss. This plan is one of the key points of a company's IT security policy.

  • Simple backups and backups images do not constitute a recovery plan. Several essential questions arise to establish an effective recovery plan such as: what are the priority processes of your business? How soon do they have to be available after a disaster?

  • Be ready for any eventuality with a plan that is in accordance to the needs of your company, updated and tested regularly so that it is operational in case of emergency. AIKI Informatique is able to develop with you such a plan and sustain it, even if we wish you never have to use it.

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